As you might know, most days I take a photo of a certain sign on my commute on the F train each day I can. I call it Daily Kentile. I’ve been doing it since July 2012, and other folks have even joined with me. On Instagram, they are hashtagged #dailykentile, and there is a growing collection of varying views of the beautiful Brooklyn landmark.

In December my iPhone 3GS died while I was away on holiday, and I went about 5 days without a phone until my brother lent me his old Motorola Razr, pictured above. Having had an iPhone (although mine was quite outdated I know) for years has caused me to be accustomed to certain interactions. Let me just cut to it: I had a very difficult time using this borrowed phone.


It may sound odd to you, and perhaps even arrogant, but I enjoyed the days I spent without a phone at all more than dealing with simply trying to type out a text message on T9 on this thing. Luckily, my wife and I were already anticipating our upgrade date in which we were going to get brand new phone, but that wasn’t until January 7 so I had to use this thing for a few weeks.

I tried to take photos with it often, though, but I’m not entirely sure how to get them off the phone so I took this photo of one of my Daily Kentile snaps. I think I had room for a few more before upgrading to a new iPhone of which I am very fortunate to own.

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