Not many people spend their days doing what they love.

In fact, on the topic of work, love is a strong word. I would even bet that not many people even partially enjoy their jobs. They long for the weekend or the next smoke break just to get relief from the pressures of the workplace.

With that in mind, I undoubtably have a rare opportunity. Not only do I absolutely love design, I can do it from almost anywhere. A few weeks ago I had to travel to Kansas City for a family emergency, and I spent a lot of the time working from my brother-in-law’s couch with my laptop on a TV tray table. With a phone, an internet connection, and a laptop, I am a portable problem-solving, project-managing studio on-the-go. It’s incredible.

I wouldn’t want to work on the go all of the time, but it’s great that I can when needed. I actually rely on routine of some sort, but have found that a change in scenery is needed to keep me free of depression. A brief walk around town can really clear my head and revive me for the rest of the day.

I am in my first week back in the world some call The Dream. “My own boss,” as it’s so often referred to. Well, that’s not why I’ve made the change. I haven’t had a bad boss since I worked for a corporate pet store after graduating high school over 10 years ago. It’s also not that easy. It is, however, what I love, and I’m glad to be here again. I know I’ve got to hustle. I have to move fast. I have to do more. I have to lean on others. And I have to believe that it’s possible, even when it may not seem that it is. I have to run, and not look back.

So how do you do what you love? That’s a question we all have to answer, and right now it’s more relevant than ever. With the recession on everyone’s mind, and jobs getting cut, people’s spirits are put to the test. We have to ask ourselves what it is we can do, and hopefully enjoy, that could possibly help others and bring in a profit at the same time.

This is the only life we have. We just have to run after it.



I took a full-time job just months after I wrote this post, and I don’t regret it. If you’re trying to figure out this balance, be sure to at least take care of your family and finances above all else.