Welcome to the new ableparris.com.

I know it’s been less than 5 months since the last redesign, but I was just never 100% content with it.

Over Thanksgiving I had moved my site over to Virb, using one of their fabulous templates. The CMS they’ve spent years making is fabulous, and I would recommend the service for anyone who is looking for a website, but I needed a bit more customization than their templates would allow.

Some of you might remember the site I launched in 2011, that was, to my knowledge, one of the first (now ubiquitous) full-screen sites. You could “slide” thru my work from left to right, and be completely engulfed in my collages and type experiments. I was even able to change the background color of each page, and it had two versions of the overlaying navigation: white and black.

The main drawback to the site, and the reason I moved over to Virb in November, was that my 2011 site never had a CMS to manage the content, which made it a cumbersome process to keep it up-to-date. I had to edit HTML and Javascript each time I wanted to add a page. Also, my writing was outside of the experience on a Tumblr blog, because I hadn’t figured out a way to make all of the sections work together. Well, now, thanks to the help of Jonnie Hallman and Siteleaf, the CMS he has helped build, I have a new site that combines the customizability of my 2011 site with the ease of managing similar to Virb.

We’re not quite done with it, but it’s close. We’ll be making some updates to the Zine in the following weeks, and we’ll add some navigation to the detail pages in all of the sections so they don’t feel like dead ends. (For now, you can at least use your arrow keys to “flip” thru the sections.) Other than that, I just have hundreds of photos and collages to post, as well as some photos of old print projects I’d like to share.