Someone said something today on Twitter that echoed far enough to reach me. They had claimed Earth was “indifferent to Design”. That design changes people, not the world.

I find this statement upsetting.

Lots of people retweeted it, otherwise I wouldn’t think twice about it. But how could we possibly think design does not effect Earth? Look at this video of Yosemite and tell me how the park would look if we could build there. While the utopian idea of changing the world through design might be unattainable, it’s nothing to mock. It is, however, dangerous to think Earth has not noticed us.

Do not be ignorant to the mountains we have cleared, the rivers we have dammed, and the holes we have dug in the name of design. The beautiful electronics you buy come with a cost. Earth has even noticed where you put those plastic bags you toss every day. If they were designed better, they wouldn’t be forming islands in our oceans.

Just because the effects of our designs are mostly out of sight for us to see does not mean they are not there.

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