In November (2012) I was asked to contribute some thoughts about the future for a print publication, but after receiving a copy of the magazine Monday I found that my writing had not made the final edit so I thought I’d share it here.


Touchscreens are now an integral part of our lives, and as they become second nature to us, it will allow for more stripped-down interfaces. We’ll see more applications that assume a higher digital competency from its users as skeuomorphism dies out and minimal, gesture-based patterns come to the front. Interfaces will become invisible, and feel more organic as we gasp break away from the grid.


We’ve spent the past couple of years trying to design platforms that scale across various browsers, and for the most part we’ve played it safe. As technology improves, in both devices and connectivity, we’ll see designers bending (or even breaking) the responsive trends that are becoming ubiquitous. This will give way to more experiential websites that we were used to in Flash’s hayday.


Our passwords aren’t working. We rely on more cloud-based services than ever, and it’s near impossible to manage all the passwords needed to access all of them. Plus, we are terrible at creating strong passwords in the first place. Something has to change to make it safer to have any of our information online or the zombies will win.