I worked with the Nuggets on their new jersey and logo redesign.

I grew up in Wyoming, just a couple hours from Denver, so it was extra special getting to touch this project.

My team at Translation collaborated with Nike and the Nuggets’ in house design team to give the team something that would represent a new era.

Immediately, I felt the colors should better reflect the city they play in. Two of the most beautiful flags ever designed are the Denver and the Colorado flags, so when we brought initial designs to the team with bright blue, gold, red, and white, everyone agreed it was the right direction.


From there, it was cleaning up their legacy icons, and helping create a look that felt true to Denver, a great city sitting in the shadow of a mountain ridge.

Here’s my favorite jersey from the three:


And here’s a look at all three from the Nuggets’ press release:


We presented them a lot of different logos, but in the end they did their own thing. Below is my personal favorite.




We even designed them a typeface inspired by the history of the city.




Note: Team photos are property of the photographers.