Emoji Daydream is a series I started on Instagram where I add emojis to iPhone photos I take.

I will occasionally add more here, but you can follow me on Instagram if you’d like to keep up.


I am amazed by the positive reaction to this project. Thank you to everyone who has shared it, and even begun to make their own. Keep ’em coming!

I’m also honored it has been receiving some press:

14553826943_a74c22bfb7_o 14533764935_c70a61a8b7_o 14510644026_dc5f47bf6f_o 14347189048_ee1b6a0a4d_o 2 photo 14532203774_8395285eee_o 14532559782_f5c66045e6_o 2014-06-30-22.40.54 14532173894_750bd48a08_h _vert 14532668362_1a93c28875_o 14532775992_85f0cc40ef_o 14533511975_352b030525_o 1 14533758975_ac71a052d2_o 14553895153_6774bd116c_o 14530382511_6b6af662d7_o 2014-06-28-10.58.50 2014-06-30-22.49.40 2014-06-27-20.35.37-2 2014-07-02-00.27.26