We made a miniature, connected world to launch Siemens’ MindSphere.

To demonstrate the power of MindSphere, we built our own mini, fully-functioning world of the industrial IOT. We hooked it up to real sensors to capture data, and live-streamed it.

mindsphere-desktop mindsphere-mobile

siemens-mindsphere-model Seimans_train Seimans_smart-city Seimans_brewery Seimans_smart-city

Besides making the actual mini world, one of my favorite parts of this project was how we “miniaturized” time, too. Since it was being live-streamed, I wanted visitors to be able to visibly see that things were happening, beside just some windmills and a train going round and round. So we worked with a lighting designer to make the sun rise and set every four minutes. The above video captures the vibrant colors that came as a result. It was actually mesmerizing to watch.

And since we were capturing data live, we programmed all the machines in the mini world to randomly stop and/or change speeds so that when you were watching the livestream and a windmill slowed down, or the train stopped at the station, the dataset in the dashboard would reflect that.


Another favorite was the brewery — just look at those tiny bottles of beer. The brewery needed a name and a logo. So I deemed it MindsBier, made a logo and a miniature calendar for the brewery floor with the Siemens founder on it. It’s the little things, literally. ;-)