In 2014, I had the opportunity to pitch a logo redesign to TiVo.

And although they didn’t put it into production, I am still quite fond of the work.

TiVo might seem like an outdated tech company to some, but they are still one of the best DVR companies around. They shipped the first ever DVR to exist back in March 1999, and they are still innovating to this day. But their logo is a goofy character that resembles TVs of time past, with its awkward antennae.


Not only is TiVo’s old logo awkward, it’s irrelevant to young people growing up watching shows and playing games on their phones. It is crucial TiVo’s updated logo helps bring them into this new era.


Yet, one of TiVo’s greatest assets is that people use the name as a verb — which is really an ultimate achievement for a brand, and is one of the reasons I leaned into simply using a strong wordmark for the new logo.

New wordmark with simplified color palette


This is also key as the product itself sits on display among the rest of a users’ entertainment center. It even has a remote. Let’s take a look at how it could work as a sysyem…

Product exploration


Product family lockups

tivo-logo-system TiVo-app-icon-trans

Poster examples


Thanks for reading, and many thanks to RFI Studios for the opportunity.